Custom Audience Delivery

Partner Requirements/Workflow

Audience Studio Partners with Custom Directory Support

  • LiveRamp
  • Acxiom
  • Acxiom International/Semasio
  • ComScore
  • Claritas
  • Crossix
  • Datonics
  • Epsilon
  • Experian
  • Intimate Merger
  • IRI Worldwide
  • Lotame
  • Narratiive
  • Navegg
  • Netwise
  • NinthDecimal
  • PlaceIQ
  • Equifax
  • Epsilon
  • Webbula
  • Zipline/KBM
Partner: To initiate a brand new custom directory, email with the following information: 
  • S3 location of your data files
  • S3 location of your taxonomy
  • Type of data: 1st party, 2nd party or 3rd party
  • Billable or non-billable
  • Name of the data provider (client sees in the UI)
Audience Studio client to be enabled Data will then be available in the Salesforce DMP Segment Builder for analytics and targeting
 Oracle Data Cloud
  • ODC to generate s3 location
  • ODC to send zendesk ticket including:
    • s3 location for data files and taxonomy
    • client data provider to be enabled as named in the our UI
    • the folder name for the data provider as it will appear in our UI

* Timing dependent on Oracle providing data to DMP. Please contact your Oracle Client Rep timing ETA. Once Salesforce DMP receives taxonomy and data files from Oracle, standard processing time applies.


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