Over-the-top (OTT) FAQ

How can I activate my data in OTT platforms?
Data can be activated in OTT platforms with several execution partners, such as DFP and Freewheel.  

Ad targeting in these app environments will be supported by our S2S integration with DFP audience and other execution partners. This will work for any execution partner where we have in place a S2S integration and the partner accepts IDs for that platform. No user-matching is required, because OTT devices leverage the same persistent device ID.

Can Salesforce DMP collect data from OTT devices?
Yes, if you have an App available on the OTT device, Salesforce DMP can collect data from OTT devices through the following methods:

  • API
  • 1st Party Import from App Logs
  • 1st Party Import from 3rd Party Source

Each of the methods are described below:

API: The Salesforce DMP SDK applies only to iOS and Android devices. OTT devices, like AppleTV, Roku, X-Box, PlayStation and others, leverage our HTTP API for data collection. We provide a technical spec for the app developers using those platforms and code is written to call Salesforce DMP’s API and User Data Service (like our SDK does). The main difference here is that, in these apps, the code-base/structure is not as pre-defined as it is for iOS and Android SDK’s, so we have to walk dev teams through the process for calling our API with the appropriate inbound/outbound requests. (This is the only approach where the Salesforce DMP code is “live” in the app and interacting with the DMP in real-time.) Today, we are using this approach on the following platforms: AppleTV, Roku & XBox One.

1st Party Import from App Logs: If the logs from these apps contain the required data (unique ID’s for user identification and behavioral/engagement data), we can ingest the raw logs and make it available for segment building. Please note that if the format of the logs differs significantly from our standard 1st Party import format and we’re required to write a lot of code to transform the format, then there may be an implementation fee associated with this method.

1st Party Import from 3rd Party Source: If there is another analytics partner live on the app such as Adobe Analytics, we can import from Adobe with the required user and page attributes. We are then transforming that data to adhere to our 1P import format.

Can Salesforce DMP support both ad-based and subscriber-based OTT models?
Yes, Salesforce DMP can support data collection off either of the above OTT app models. Salesforce DMP has extensive experience with clients opting for a subscriber based OTT model, as well as experience with clients opting for an ad-supported model with OTT inventory. 

Please consult with your Client Partner to discuss further.

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