Media Tag Generator Guide

Steps for tag creation: 

  1. Within Salesforce DMP UI, navigate to Manage Sites.
  2. Create Media ConfID by clicking the Create Media Tag button.
  3. Create Media Tag screen will appear.  Complete the fields as follows:
    NOTE: Once media tag is submitted, name, category and channel cannot be changed. Be sure to double check before submitting.
    • Media Tag: Name the media tag accordingly
    • Category: Used to organize tags in a way that is meaningful to your business. Define accordingly
    • Channel: Select the media channel you wish to tie data back to
    • Click Submit
  1. Navigate to the newly created Media Tag and click the " </>" (Get Code) button, located in the "Actions" column.
  2. Fill in the brand parameter only if kxbrand is needed within the media tag setup.
  3. From the Ad Server dropdown menu, select ad server for tag implementation. Appropriate tag macros will be generated based on selection. Example: If trafficking tags within DCM, selecting "DCM" will generate tags containing the necessary DCM macros. If tags without macros are needed, select "Generic" from the Ad Server drop down menu. 
  4. The ConfID and CampaignID attributes are required parameters, and it is recommended that all parameters be used. If you elect to forgo use of any of the optional parameters, deselect at this time.
  5. Click the Get Code button to prompt tag generation.
  6. Click Download to obtain a csv containing all tags (Impression – JavaScript, Impression - Image Pixel and Click). Downloading a csv is recommended when initially providing tags to ad ops for trafficking. 
    You may also click Copy to Clipboard to copy the selected tag (Impression – JavaScript, Impression - Image Pixel or Click) and paste tag to a text file.
  7. Review tags within the csv or text file.
  8. Email tags to ad ops for trafficking.
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