Composite Segments

A type of segment in which all of the rules are evaluated within a single pixel call, instead of across pixel calls (i.e. occurring on multiple pageviews).

Composite segments are used to create audiences that have engaged with very specific content at a given point in time.


One one page view, a users reads about SUVs with Diesel engines. On a second page view, the users reads about convertibles with gas engines.

In a standard segment, the user would qualify the rule "SUV AND gas engine", because both attribute values are separately present in his profile.

In a composite segment, the users would not qualify the rule "SUV AND gas engine", because he did not see both attribute values on the same page view. 

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    BMIND Barcelo

    If we look at this description it´s clear but... what is the real difference with the real time segments according to the segment data procesing. Because I always understood (and I made QA of it) for the prcesing in real time the attributes have to be in the same page/event. And the user is in the segment on the page after.
    Could you write a real example?


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    Becky Donoghue

    Hi, its also something im wondering if the audience building is at the user level or event level when using <> or <>. Please let me know what you found out! thanks

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