Salesforce Audience Studio Reporting FAQ

Where can I find my API Key?

Admins have access to the organization's API key under Manage > Sites in the upper right corner. It is labeled "Organization ID".

Does the Loyalty report use devices or people?

Devices; People are only displayed in the Segment dashboard. 

How long does it take for the Audience Profile report to generate once a segment is created?

Audience Profile Reports process over the weekend and will be available the following Monday.

Are Safari users included in the Audience Profile report metrics?

No, Safari does not allow for third party cookie matching.

How often does Campaign Performance update?

Data will be processed and refreshed daily. Please note, this process is reliant on a third party - the ad server - to deliver the file(s) in a timely and consistent manner.

Why isn't there data appearing in Campaign Performance?

In order to process this information, Salesforce Audience Studio requires access to "raw" ad impression logs. If there is no data under the Campaign Performance section, please speak to your Client Success Manager to discuss the setup requirements.

What does the "Share" column represent in the Campaign Performance exports?

Percent of total impressions served against a specific campaign.

What does the "Performance %" column represent in the Campaign Performance report?

The performance percentage column in Campaign Performance is comparing the CTR of the overall campaign to the CTR of the different segments touching the campaign.

Therefore, if the CTR of the segment is lower than the overall campaign CTR, the performance % will be negative. If the CTR of the segment is higher than the overall campaign CTR, the performance % will be positive. Segments with a positive performance % offer optimization opportunities.

Do impressions that are not assigned a user ID display in the Marketer Performance Reports?

Yes, all such users are grouped together into a single ID.

Will the non-assigned KUIDs be included in the Media User Data Export?

No, non-KUIDs, invalid KUIDs and DNT users are not included in the export.

Are all search queries captured in the Keywords report?

Salesforce Audience Studio captures all data that is available to our Control Tag, however, some of the major search engines are encrypting a large percentage of keyword queries. As a result, only a portion of search keywords will be captured in user reporting.  

See these articles for more information:

Onsite search keywords, however, are still fully functional.  If you'd like to enable onsite search keywords, please open a ticket via the Customer Support Portal.

Once enabled, you can find the Search Keywords report in the UI under Insights > Content Engagement > Search Keywords.

A segment overlap report is showing an overlap between two different age ranges. How can a user fall into multiple age ranges?

A user can fall into multiple age range segments due to shared computers and discrepant rules. For the most accurate age range segments, build a segment for the desired age range. Then, add an AND NOT operator to eliminate irrelevant age ranges from a particular segment and prevent inaccuracies.

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