Context Terms

Context terms are keywords scraped directly from the content areas of a page to create attributes for segment building and targeting. They can help to increase population sizes and first party data in critical subject areas, and are particularly useful when variables are inconsistently named across multiple sites.

For instance, you may want to target users who read articles where the word “celebrity” shows up 3 times or more within the text, and use this as a segment rule to help define Celebrity Buzz Enthusiasts.

To upload a list of context terms:

  • Enter the terms in a TXT file with each word or phrase on a new line
  • In the UI, go to Manage > Capture > Context Terms
  • Click Load Context Terms and upload your file
  • The context terms should start populating in the UI within the 2-3 days

 Here are a few considerations regarding Context Terms:

  • The doc should have one term or phrase per line
  • While we do accept special characters, but do not recommend them.
    • Note: If you do want to use special characters, we recommend that once they are uploaded in the UI that you test collection on both desktop and mobile pages to ensure there are no issues or formatting inaccuracies before using the terms in a segment.
    • At times, special characters can cause a delay in page load and page timeouts.
  • We do not accept XLS files
  • There is a maximum of 1000 context terms

 There are two ways to confirm which context terms are coming through on a live page:

  1. Check CT Helper for context terms
  2. Use Developer Tools
    1. Open Developer Tools > Network > filter by krxd
    2. Refresh page and look for pixel.gif call
    3. Look for _kpa_kx_context_terms on right side of tool 


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