Data Providers FAQ

How long is the lookback window for data providers in Konsole?
The look back varies depending on the source of the data. A good rule of thumb is 30 days.

Does Salesforce Audience Studio have integrations with data providers that focus on International Markets?
Yes, we do. For more details on which data providers have data in a specific market, please contact your Success Manager or submit a ticket to the Customer Support Portal.

How long will it take to establish an integration with a new data provider?
We will take all data provider integrations into consideration, however, the speed at which we integrate is based on client demand.

If you are partnered with any data providers that we are not already integrated with, we can work through an expedited integration; please reach out to your Account Manager for additional details.

Please reach out to your Success Manager or submit a request through the Customer Support portal for inquiries around which data providers we are integrated with.

How can I add a third party data provider to my instance?
Submit a request in Customer Support Portal requesting Audience Studio to enable the specific data provider. There are some data providers that require a direct partnership. The Support team will inform you of any additional requirements upon request.

What is the purpose of the Data Providers report?

The Data Providers chart provides insight into the Segment Overlaps over the last 30 days for all data providers you have enabled for your console.


  • Sort by data provider and rule
  • Drill down into a specific data provider
  • Search by categories, sub-categories or keywords
  • View data provider overlap across the entire Audience Studio universe
  • Create new segments directly from the report view
  • Processed/recalculated weekly

Benefits include:

  • Spot which data providers have an audience most similar to your own to focus the search for individual segments to add
  • Unlock insights about your users and create non-endemic segments

*Only data providers enabled for your account show in this report


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