Control Tag Helper Guide

The Control Tag Helper is a bookmarklet that provides details and diagnostics about the data being collected by the Salesforce Audience Studio Control Tag.

How to add the Control Tag Helper Bookmarklet

Watch this one minute Video Guide for a quick walkthrough. Note: You will be prompted to enter a password located below the video frame.

Option 1: Drag and drop the bookmarklet to your browser

  • In the UI, navigate to “Manage > Control Tag Helper”
  • On the Control Tag Helper page, simply click and drag the Control Tag Helper link from the page to your browser toolbar
  • Once the bookmarklet has been added to your browser toolbar, visit one of your webpages and click the bookmarklet to open the tool:

The following window will open in front of the webpage to display the details of the control tag. Use the tabs along the top to navigate the details and verify the data collected on the page.    


Option 2: Create a manual bookmark

If you have any trouble with the process above, you can create a manual bookmark. To do this, right-click on your bookmark bar and select ‘Add Page’. The full Control Tag Helper code should be pasted into the 'URL' field.


Troubleshooting: Why am I getting an “unauthorized” error?

 In order for the tool to work, the control tag must be deployed and firing on the page.


 Steps to troubleshoot:

  • Make sure you are logged into Audience Studio in the same browser shortly before using CT Helper.
  • Verify you’re using the tool on a site or page where the control tag is deployed.
  • Check for any ad blockers that may be preventing the control tag from firing. If the control tag cannot fire, the control tag helper will not work.
  • If you have access to multiple Salesforce Audience Studio organizations, you must add the specific bookmarklet for each organization. The bookmarklet is org-specific, so one organization’s control tag helper will only work on the sites tagged with that organization’s control tag.
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