Publisher Learning Journey

Salesforce DMP Academy has designed the following Learning Journeys to support individual Service Packages and business outcomes. While we recommend the sequences outlined below we have created an experience where content, workshops, and webinar discussions are accessible as needed throughout the engagement with Salesforce DMP. Learning should be relevant and applicable at all times.


Cycle 1: Data Collection

Cycle Exit: Operating basics in place

Sequence  Standard Premium  Enterprise
1st 5 Sources of Value (e-learning) 5 Sources of Value (e-learning) 5 Sources of Value (e-learning)
2nd Data Unification (e-learning)  Data Unification (e-learning) Data Unification (e-learning) 
3rd Remote Platform Training Remote Platform Training Remote Platform Training
4th    Data Unification Workshop Data Unification Workshop
Rolling Basis Webinars Webinars  Webinars

Cycle 2: Initial Insights

Cycle Exit: Actionable results

Sequence  Standard Premium Enterprise
1st  Audience Monetization (e-learning) Audience Monetization (e-learning) Audience Monetization (e-learning)
2nd Data Provisioning (e-learning) Data Provisioning (e-learning) Audience Monetization Workshop
3rd      Syndication (e-learning)
Rolling Basis  Webinars Webinars Webinars

Cycle 3: Full Value

Cycle Exit: Poised for Acceleration

Sequence  Standard Premium Enterprise
1st Audience Development (e-learning) Audience Development (e-learning) Audience Development (e-learning)
2nd Personalization (e-learning) Personalization (e-learning) Personalization (e-learning)
Rolling Basis Webinars Webinars Webinars
Available as needed at an additional cost Additional Workshop Additional Workshop Additional Workshop
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