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Salesforce DMP Academy workshops are hands-on learning opportunities. Led by our expert trainers, in collaboration with Client Partners, these two hour sessions are designed to deliver concrete skills and knowledge to our clients driving up ROI. 




Suggested Audience  

Media Tagging

Media tagging across media types, managing discrepancies, best practices, and troubleshooting

120 minutes

Agency/Ad Ops

Audience Planning

Identify known and unknown consumers for acquisition

Through reporting and analysis you will be able to understand how your audience skews towards behaviors, interests, and intents

120 minutes

Channel Marketing


Agency/Ad Ops

Media Planning

Audience Activation

Identify your audience across media partners and find incremental unique reach

Understand match rates across media partners and campaign performance to determine optimal media partners

Maintain or improve performance at lower CPMs by reallocating budgets to the highest performing segments

120 minutes

Agency/Ad Ops

Media Optimization

Learn how to leverage multiple reports in order to identify what channels are most effective for your media campaigns

Uncover the value of short tail, long tail and sweet spot of campaign exposure

120 minutes

Channel Marketing


Experience Personalization

Learn how to combine your proprietary people data with 2nd & 3rd party, cross-device and offsite media campaign data, to power more relevant messaging through dynamic creative or site personalization

120 minutes

Web Analytics

Brand Manager

Web Dev

Advanced Segment Building

Become a segment super builder, and learn all of the tips and techniques of segment creation and expansion

Learn more about growing your audience with advanced segment types, and best practices for segment management

120 minutes

Ad Ops



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