Transaction Segments

This feature is only available in some Salesforce Audience Studio license packages.


Transaction Segments are used to generate audiences of users that have performed specific "transaction" activities on your site.  This can include data points such as purchases at a specific price, quantity and date and can be used to retarget, suppress or study specific customer segments.  Transaction segments are a different segment "type" and are available in a separate screen from standard Salesforce Audience Studio Segments.  Data collection for transaction segments is performed by a separate pixel call (transaction.gif) from the Salesforce Audience Studio Control Tag.


Getting Started

To use transaction segments, the following must be implemented:

  • The Salesforce Audience Studio Control Tag must be loaded on all confirmation pages.
  • A DataLayer for collecting transaction attributes and values must be available on site.
  • A test transaction environment is extremely helpful for debugging and verification.   Please setup and make available to Salesforce Audience Studio a staging environment or method to run test purchases to verify data collection.
  • Since transaction segments are a paid feature, they must be enabled in your account by Salesforce Audience Studio before they can be used. 


Required Transaction Attributes

The following data points are required for transaction data to be collected and sent to Salesforce Audience Studio :

  • Price - must be available on confirmation page
  • Quantity - must be available on confirmation page
  • Transaction Date (as YYYYY-MM-DD) - Automatically collected
  • One additional transaction attribute is mandatory


Additional Transaction Attributes

In addition to the required attributes listed above, other data points can be sent to Salesforce Audience Studio for segment building.  Contact your Salesforce Audience Studio Solutions manager to define additional transaction attributes such as "product name" or "category".  This includes the DataLayer name and sample values to collect.



After Salesforce Audience Studio implements and verifies collecting live transaction data, a new segment type option will be available at  After creating a segment, it will have all the same functionality as other segments, including activating on partners and lookalikes.


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