Audience Studio Platform Video Tutorials

Below are short video tutorials to help you learn the fundamentals of the Audience Studio platform.  These videos are ideal for visual learners who would rather watch a video than read a guide.  New videos will be added on a rolling basis.   

The password for each of these videos is: KruxTraining0930.


First Party Data

Context Terms

Generating an Event Pixel

Viewing the Attributes Report


Segments and Activation

Segment Building and Activation


Enhancing Segments

A/B Split

Creating a CDIM Segment

Creating a Lookalike

Data Providers

Reach Opportunities

Utilizing Segment Overlaps


Audience Analytics Report

Audience Profile Report

Engagement Report


Loyalty Report

Partner Management

Search Keywords Report

Segment Summary

Site Distribution Report

Social Activity Report


Marketer Performance

Frequency Reports

Marketer Campaign Performance

Reach and Overlap Report



Enabling Test Mode

Control Tag Helper

Help Center

Manage Users

Suppression Segments

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