How to Access Imports/Exports on S3 Using Cyberduck

Connecting to Cyberduck:

  1. Download Cyberduck, here
  2. It's best to create a new Bookmark for connecting, rather than just opening a new connection. 
    1. Click Bookmark Menu and click "New Bookmark" 
  3. Select Amazon S3 from the drop-down
  4. Enter your Access Key ID 
  5. Under "More Options", enter your bucket location in the "Path" field. Your bucket information was provided when you generated your S3 credentials.
    1. Please note: The path entered here should not start with a "/" but does need to end with a "/". It should look something like "krux-partners/client-yourbucketname/"
  6. Close this window and Double Click the new entry you just created in your Bookmarks.

  7. Cyberduck will ask you to enter your Secret Key.

Screenshot of connection setup:


Select a Salesforce Audience Studio import or export:

Common Import and Export Files are updated daily, and stored in distinct folders:

Note: All times listed next to S3 files are UTC (ignore the AM/PM stamp)



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