Lookalike Modeling Availability FAQ

Common Reasons for why a segment may not be available for lookalike modeling:

  • The lookalike report for this segment has not yet been calculated
    Lookalike reports are processed every weekend. If this segment is too new to have gone through its first processing cycle, then please check back next week. It is recommended that segments process by Friday afternoons EST in order to ensure they fall into weekend processing for overlaps.
  • The segment is too small
    Segments must meet a certain threshold for lookalike reports to be calculated. This threshold is 5,000 devices or 0.02% of the overall instance population, however, it is not referring to the devices count in the UI, but to a sampled population for the segment that is used internally in the LAL calculation. At this time, the threshold is not visible in UI but can be requested in a Support request.
  • The segment contains 2nd-party Data 
    2nd Party Data is blocked by default from being used in modeling. Data Owners who share their data must opt-in explicitly for data to be available to be used in lookalike models.
  • The segment contains real-time or extension seed segments
    Real-time and extension segments cannot be utilized for lookalike modeling.
  • Insufficient segment data in Salesforce Audience Studio instance to construct the lookalike models
    The instance must include at least 10 segments before lookalikes can be generated. The 10 segments must be either 1st- or 3rd-party segments, with the exception of 3rd-party extension segments.
  • Existing lookalike segments are included in the rule set
    Lookalike segments cannot be further modeled; if an existing lookalike segment is used within a rule group, subsequent lookalike modeling is not available.
  • Certain 3rd party data providers
    Some 3rd party data providers do not allow their data to be used for lookalikes. If your segment contains data of one of these providers, the segment is not eligible for lookalikes.
  • Base segment data is stale
    Segment must have data from the last 30 days with the proper consent. For example, platform segment data should be re-imported (with consent) to be able to build a Lookalike model.


If you have any questions or believe there may be an issue with lookalike reporting, please reach out to the Salesforce Audience Studio Support team.

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