Bulk Upload Segments Guide

The Bulk Upload feature allows the uploading of multiple segments to your instance in bulk.

This tool has limitations as highlighted below:

  • Real Time and Standard segments are supported only
  • No rules based on other segments are supported
  • No rules based on non-first party page attributes such as user attributes, media attributes, event attributes, 2nd party or 3rd party attributes are supported
  • Attributes (and corresponding values) must already exist in the target DMP instance, including when using contains rules
  • No custom frequency/recency for any of the rules in any segments - defaults to 1x90
  • No custom segment refresh for any of the segments - defaults to daily
  • Attribute names and values cannot contain any special reserved characters such as ^;:~="
  • No activation partners can be specified in bulk upload file, apart from send to site (onsite activation)
  • Columns in the bulk upload file need to be comma separated


How to create Bulk Segments

To get segments created in bulk, you first need to fill out the Bulk Segment Upload Template which can be found at the bottom of this article. Below are detailed instructions on how to use the template.

Once the file is ready, please open a Support ticket, attach the output file and ask the Audience Studio Support to upload the file for you.

Spreadsheet Format

The output should be a CSV (UTF-8 encoded, no headers) file where each row represents the rule-set for one segment.

  • Column A of each row should contain the segment name.
  • Column B should be the Type
  • Column C should be the Category
  • Column D should be the Sub-Category
  • Column E should be 1 if the segment is real-time, 0 if it is not
  • Column F should be 1 if the segment should be enabled for onsite, 0 if it is not

Each subsequent column is a rule “nest”, which is a string that contains the attributes and attribute values to be used. Columns are separated by a comma (,). The connector between two nests, AND or OR also needs a column on their own.

To define a nest, use the following operators in the content:







City=San Francisco|City=New York 




City=San Francisco;Device=Computer




City=San Francisco^City=New York 


OR between nests


City=San Francisco;Device=Computer,OR,City=New York;Device=Mobile


AND between nests (Note that nests do not support AND NOT)




Separator for multiple attribute values for one attribute — "OR" string.




CONTAINS operator for attribute value, instead of = (IS operator)
NOTE:  values used in contains must be quoted:

NOTE: Multiple values within a single ‘contains’ statement is not supported. NOT support:





must be equal to


Can I edit segments created via bulk uploads in Konsole?
Yes, you can. Unlike platform segments, bulk uploaded segments are rule based. Therefore, you can edit segment rules in Konsole for bulk-uploaded segments.

Can I edit segment rules via bulk upload?
You can utilize a bulk upload for editing existing segments.This would work as follows:

  • The bulk upload document will need to include current and exact segment name
  • ALL rules need to be included, not just the new addition
  • Rules that are not included will be deleted
  • The segment is essentially deleted and re-uploaded with the new rules

There is a separate CSV you have to upload if you wish to change only the segment metadata, such as the name and category. Please see this article for more info.

Submit your request to the Audience Studio support team.


Bulk Segment Template

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