Salesforce Audience Studio SDK FAQ

Is the Salesforce Audience Studio SDK mandatory?

No, we can also ingest the data via http calls initiated by the App or via log files. Both solutions can only be used for data collections though, but not return the segments of a user to the App.

How do I collect page attributes

Review the KruxTracker and trackPageView sections of our iOS and Android SDK documentation.

How do I receive the segment IDs?

Refer to the getSegments portion of our Android SDK and IOS SDK implementation guides. 

What’s the best way to test if your App is firing correctly?

Use Charles Web Proxy to transcribe all calls made. Check if is fired and contains all attributes you want to send as parameters.

To use Charles as your HTTP proxy on your phone or mobile device, you must manually configure the HTTP Proxy settings on your WiFi network in your device's Settings.
First, find your computer's IP
  1. Open the “System Preferences” menu
  2. Click on the “Network” preference pane
  3. You can view the IP address on the right side of the dialog box, below the connection “Status"  
 Configure proxy settings on an iOS device
  1. Go to the Settings app, tap Wi-Fi, find the network you are connected to and then tap the blue disclosure arrow to configure the network.
  2. Scroll down to the HTTP Proxy setting, tap Manual. Enter the IP address of your computer running Charles in the Server field, and the port Charles is running on in the Port field (usually 8888).
  3. Leave Authentication set to Off.
Configure proxy settings on an Android device
  1. Tap on Settings, then Wi-Fi
  2. Find the network on which you’re connected (normally the first one listed), then tap and hold
  3. Choose Modify network from the pop-up
  4. Scroll down and enable “Show advanced options”
  5. Change “Proxy settings” to Manual
  6. Under “Proxy host name” enter the IP address from above
  7. Under “Proxy port” enter 8888
  8. Tap Save and wait a moment for the network to reconnect
You will see a dialog box in Charles note when you first make a connection from the mobile device requesting you to allow the traffic. Remember to disable the HTTP Proxy in your Settings when you stop using Charles!
NOTE: Ensure that your mobile device has the most recent SSL certificates required for Charles. To do so, once tethered to Charles, go to on your mobile device. The certificates will be downloaded automatically, if they are not already present on the device.

Can I use the page view call instead of an event to capture activity in my app? 

Yes, pixel.gif can be used for ay action item. However, if you want access to the Funnel capability, an event (event.gif) must be used.

Can I use the same event for my site as my app?

Yes, the event can be used in the web environment as well as the app. However, if you want to track web and app separately, it is recommended to use a unique event for each.

I am not seeing my event fire in the app. Why is this? 

First, check that the event is firing in the UI by navigating to Manage > Events and searching for your event. Then, click the Action Wheel and select the View Reports icon. Ensure your event is showing activity.

If the event is showing activity in the UI, double check the event deployment steps in the SDK documentation on the Audience Studio Help Center.

There is app attribute data missing in the UI. Why is this?

Audience Studio has thresholds in place to not show data with very small volumes. If you have confirmed the data is sent to Audience Studio via Charles, you can safely release the App. Data will start showing up in the UI once enough users have sent data.

Please work with your app developer to QA the SDK deployment using the SDK documentation as a guide.

Follow the validation steps to ensure the SDK was deployed properly.

We also recommend using the Test App provided in the documentation for testing purposes.

Additional questions to confirm include:

  • Is this isolated to a specific app attribute or is all app attribute missing from the UI?
  • If the attribute is using an event, is the event UID configured in event.gif property?
  • Is the event getting traffic under Mange > Events in the UI?

How do I send segments made up of mobile app users to DFP for targeting?

Like the Interchange onsite code which passes Audience Studio segment IDs of the users, apps using the DFP SDK allows for custom targeting.

Developers should refer to these articles:

* iOS -
* Android -

We recommend testing before publishing by adding a segment to a device to ensure it is passed to in the DFP ad request.

Why is Google Play services required for the Salesforce Audience Studio SDK integration on Android?

Following Google's privacy policy, Audience Studio uses the Advertising ID as the user ID. This requires Google Play Services to be implemented with your app.

For more information, see:

How do I determine what version of the SDK I have deployed?

To determine the SDK version, unzip the SDK framework and look in the zip file.

What is the privacy policy on mobile apps?

Audience Studio follows industry privacy standards for users who opt out of targeted advertising.

When the Audience Studio SDK on either Android or iOS platforms detects a user has turned off tracking, the user id is set to DNT (Do Not Track).

This ID disables all data tracking and anonymizes the user.

See user instructions to disable tracking:

Are you planning to consider IDFV as an id we can use for tracking across Vendor owned apps?

Using IDFV instead of IDFA would not functionally work, as they are only unique for a vendor. If you want to use the IDFV for your internal use, you can always collect it and send it using an attribute in the upload events and treat it as a first party ID.

How do I submit my iOS app with Salesforce Audience Studio if it does not serve ads?

Many iOS apps that do not serve ads have no problem passing Apple's app review.

In your submission, see the The Advertising Identifier (IDFA) section of this article:

The Audience Studio SDK uses IDFA as an ID, therefore on submission, check Yes, this app uses the Advertising ID. 

Next, select any option except, Server advertisements in this app  

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